Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brad Rogers for Sheriff-2010

Hi, My name is Brad Rogers and I am currently the Corrections (Jail) Commander for the Elkhart County Sheriff's Department. I am running for Elkhart County Sheriff in the 2010, May 4th primary on the Republican ballot. I have 22+ years with the department. I invite you to discuss the upcoming Sheriff's race. I will be adding posts from time to time and so I invite you to check back often and leave your respectful comment. Check out my website at


  1. As Sheriff of Elkhart County, what will be your number one goal?

  2. Great Question Bob! There are so many facets of the job and many goals that will need to be aimed for. I think one of the most important, though, is continuing the developing philosophy of changing hearts and minds for inmates and transitioning them back to the community successfully, thereby reducing recidivism. This goal effects the crime rate, our quality of life in Elkhart County, and reduces the taxpayer burden of housing persons who otherwise would re-offend and return to jail or the criminal justice system. This goal will require a leader that can develop community partnerships and keep the momentum going that the department has developed. Programming, spiritual development, addictions programs, community transition, Work Release, alternatives to incarceration for low-line offenders, and recognizing that the criminal justice system does not have all the answers; that private, sometimes faith-based, organizations can have a significant impact on recidivism and life transformation for the ex-offender. -Brad

  3. Good luck Brad in the upcoming election. I have been honored to work with you on the new construction of the jail and have told others of your honesty and integrity. I think that you will make a great sheriff. Brent Stephens